July 5, 2017

Benefits Of Fruit Yam bean To Treat Various Diseases

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Benefits Of Fruit Yam bean To Treat Various Diseases - Yam bean or Jicama is a plant originating from tropical America and entered into the tribe of Fabaceae or legumes. In the place of its origin, jicama is known as xicama or jícama. Javanese people refer to it as besusu.

Yam bean water contains quite a lot so well to help the supply of fluids in the body. A high fluid content in Yam bean are highly recommended for consumption for diabetics and those of you who are dieting. The benefits for the health of the other Yam bean will be discussed later. Bulbs that have a scientific name Pachyrhizus erosus has fresh flavors and also sweet. The sweetness in this comes from oligokasarida called inulin.

The content of Substances in Yam bean:

  1. Thiamin 0.020 mg 2%
  2. 21 vitamin A IU 1%
  3. Vitamin C 20.2 mg 34%
  4. Vitamin E 0.46 mg 3%
  5. Vitamin K 0.3 mg
  6. Iron 0.60 mg 7%
  7. Magnesium 12 mg 3%
  8. Manganese 0.60 mg 3%
  9. Zinc 0.16 mg 1%
  10. Phyto-nutrients
  11. Potassium 150 mg 3%
  12. Calcium 12 mg 1%
  13. Copper 0.048 mg 5%
  14. 38 Kcal energy 2%
  15. Carbohydrate 7 g 8.82%
  16. Protein 1 g 0.72%
  17. Total Fat 0.19 g
  18. Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
  19. Dietary fiber 4.9 g 13%
  20. Folate 12 mg 3%
  21. Niacin 0200 mg 1.5%
  22. Pantothenic acid 0.135 mg 3%
  23. Pyridoxine 0.042 mg 3%
  24. Riboflavin 0.029 mg 2%
  25. Carotene-ß 13 ug –
  26. Carotene-Î ± 0.011 mg 1%

Fruit Yam bean Benefits For Treating Various Diseases

  • Treat allergies at porters - Fruit Yam bean if in use and consumption on a regular basis can treat allergies and itching on the skin.
  • Treating diabetes - Sweetness in fruit Yam bean inulin substances that come from very good to help treat diabetes, even good in the consumption of the sufferers of diabetes once did. but within the limits of reasonable and orderly.
  • Treat thrush - Yam bean also contains quite a lot of vitamin C, so it is very good for the health of your body, and as an antioxidant or for cures for canker sores. In addition, Yam bean can also lower cholesterol levels in your blood.
  • Treat beri-beri - Beri-beri is a disease that is caused due to deficiency of vitamin B1 body. Yam bean contains vitamin B1.
  • Treating hemorrhoids - Fiber in Yam bean good for sufferers of hemorrhoids. Drink the juice Yam bean every morning after waking up very well for those of you who suffer from hemorrhoids, in order for the CHAPTER to be smooth and not difficult.
  • Prevent premature aging - High in vitamin C fruit Yam bean gives effect to prevent free radicals in our body, as well as giving effect to relax.
  • Addressing the problem of stomach acid - Properties of alkali on Yam bean serves as a cooling or absorbing stomach acid quickly. High stomach acid can cause the mag, so it's good when you consume Yam bean. And better yet if you eat Yam bean without mixture, for example with salt or sambal.

Some of the benefits of the fruit Yam bean for health

  • Reduce the effects of manopause. For women who have experienced menopause usually will have wrinkles, wrinkles and aging skin. To reduce the possibility that the body needs the Phytoestrogens, Phytoestrogens contain Yam bean and. Consume enough Phytoestrogens can make your skin stay healthy and fresh.
  • Remove freckles and spots on the face. In addition to consumption Yam bean can also be used as a face mask. The moisture content of many in it are able to make your facial skin stay fresh as well as eliminate freckles or spots on your face. The trick is quite easy, you can just Peel Yam bean then shredded or mashed and then dibalurkan to your face
  • Lowering fever. Jicama has chemical properties that helps cool the and can be utilized for lowering fever. Yam bean can be used as a juice drink 2 times a day, at morning and evening.
  • Maintaining Healthy Skin. Not only useful for maintaining healthy internal organs, Yam bean are also excellent for maintaining the health of the outermost parts of the body, namely the skin. Fresh fruit Yam bean will usually be in the grate and then used as a mask to the skin. The mask of this has the effect of cooling Yam bean skin and is very effective for removing dirt and excessive oil sticking on the surface of the skin. In addition, a high content of antioxidants will prevent your skin from premature aging.
  • Good For Your Diet. Carbohydrates contained in fruit Yam bean consists of most of the fiber and sugar in small amounts so it is very good if used as snacks while on a diet. The high fiber content will keep you satiated for longer without making you gain weight.
  • Healthy bones and teeth. Yam bean also contain phosphorus and calcium that are very good for the growth of bones and teeth. The need for calcium and phosphorus can be met by consuming Yam bean. Due to the lack of phosphorus will be weak and reduced appetite
  • Facilitate digestion. Inulin in Yam bean has properties as dietary fiber, the nature of this influence on bowel function and also fixes the parameters in the blood. As dietary fibers, inulin can increase the mass of stool as well as increasing the frequency of defekasi especially for patients with constipation. As for improvements in blood fat parameter that is a decrease in serum levels of triliserida and also blood cholesterol in people with hypercholerolemia.