August 30, 2013

Salak Fruit Health Benefits

Salak Fruit Health Benefits for Eye-  The content contained in fruits containing beta-carotene are very fit or very good for maintaining the health of our eyes.

The content of beta-carotene contained in 100 grams of fruits is about 5.5 times as much if lodged with the content betakatroten mangoes, 3 times more than the guava fruit and 5 times more than watermelon fruit

Salak Fruit Benefits for treating diarrhea- If you consume fruits as much as 20 grams of fresh ones, can neutralize diarrhea.

Benefits leaves bark to treat hemorrhoids that have not been severe:
  • Take about 3 leaf bark
  • Then boiled with a glass of mineral water
  • Results of the cooking water from the filter leaves.
  • Then add water decoction of leaves with bark brown sugar
  • Drink boiled water it twice a day, morning and evening

Skin benefits contained in the bark:
Bark bark useful for lowering drugs and diabetes dry and stabilize the blood pressure

How to make a potion is:
  • Take some fruits and then separate the skin with fruit
  • Wash with clean water until clean
  • Enter the bark bark that has been cleaned to the pan, note: do not use aluminum pots and iron cauldron.
  • Pour enough water into the pot.
  • Boiled bark skin using a very small fire, wait until the water boils
  • Then Filter stew earlier and drinking water
  • Note: The skin of fruits which have been boiled can not be returned or used again boiled
  • Drink boiled water around 1 liter of water
  • Perform routine at least 2 weeks.

See the results with 2 weeks of regular drinking, diabetes will be gone dry, and blood pressure can be normal. That's all about salak fruit health benefits. Good luck.