February 23, 2012


Rambutan is one of a multi-use plants. All parts of this plant, from the bark, leaves, seeds, until the roots, can serve as a drug. Bargaining power is also remarkable. Fever, gray, dysentery, sprue, to diabetes, can be remedied with the right herbs.

Rambutan plant parts that can be utilized as follows: fruit peel, bark, leaves, seeds, and roots.

Rind: to overcome dysentery, fever
Bark: to cope with thrush
Leaves: to treat diarrhea and black hair
Root: to overcome the fever
Seeds: to overcome diabetes (diabetes mellitus)

For drugs taken, there is no dose recommendation. See the example usage below!

For external use only, minced leaves until smooth, then add a little water. Use of water for the feelings of graying black hair.

Example of use:
  • Dysentery. Wash the skin of rambutan fruit (10 pieces), cut into pieces as needed. Add three cups of clean drinking water, and boil until the water remaining half. Once, cool, strain and drink twice a day, each three-fourths cup.
  • Fever. Wash skin that has dried rambutan fruit (15 g). Add three cups water, boil and boil for 15 minutes. Once cool, strain and drink three times a day, each of the third section.
  • Blacken gray hair. Wash the rambutan leaves to taste, then mash until smooth. Add a little water, stirring until evenly into dough like mush. Squeeze and strain with a piece of cloth. Use the collected water to wet the hair of the head. Do it every day until you see the results.
  • Diabetes. Rambutan seeds (five seeds) fry without oil, then milled to a powder. Brewed with a cup of hot water. After chilling, drinking water as well. Do it 1-2 times a day.
  • Sprue. Wash rambutan bark (three knuckles), then boiled in two cups of water until remaining one glasses. Use to rinse while warm.