June 16, 2010


pequi, fruits and health, dailyfruits.blogspot.comOther Names: Souari Nut, Caryocar brasiliense. Description: Pequi or Souari Nut (Caryocar brasiliense) is a Brazilian fruit. It is yellow coloured, and has a strong taste and smell. It is a very popular meal in Goiás and Minas Gerais, and may be eaten by itself or with other food. The Pequi with rice and chicken is specially popular. An oil extracted from the seeds of the pequi is also used as an edible oil. The pequi occupies an important role in the culture of indigenous people in Brazil's Cerrado region.

The pequi is the main symbol of this de-structuring of the economy. The pequi is habitually consumed by the population in the Cerrado zone and is deeply rooted in the regional culture and cooking. For the Mineiros, the Cerrado inhabitants of Minas Gerais, the pequi does not belong to anyone, because it belongs to everyone.

Therefore, they maintain their ancestral right to take it wherever it is, in public or private land, fenced in land or unfenced land, etc., wherever it is, the pequi was always "accessible" to the regional society. Since the sixties, due to logging and installation on a wide scale of eucalyptus plantations, the pequi and all that it represents are under a serious threat.

Impotence Home Remedy Using Pequi

Get about 15-20 seeds of Pequi and put them on a bottle of an alcoholic beverage, like vodka or cachaça (brazilian beverage). Let it rest for at least 10 days.
After that, drink about 2 spoons of the liquid per day.

Cold Home Remedy Using Pequi

Boil 15-20 seeds of pequi, and throw the water out. Put the seeds on a jar and complete with vegetal oil, previously hot. Use the oil 2 times a day on the meals or mixture a spoon of the oil with a spoon of honey and take it 2 times a day.

Asthma Home Remedy Using Pequi

Extract the oil of the Pequi Nut. Put 3-5 drops of it on the food, 2 times a day. (mamaherb.com)