May 22, 2008


papaya, fruits health
Papaya is a fruit of a herbaceous plant of the family Caricaceae originating from Central America and the West Indies and even the area around Mexsiko Coasta Rica. Of the total papaya crop is efficacious for the treatment traditionally. It is therefore very unfortunate if only the men's all we consume.

Benefit from any part of the plant papaya
  1. Roots: for disinfectant pinworms, kidney pain, bladder pain, high blood pressure, insect bites and gout.
  2. Leaves: for appetite enhancer. Treating the disease beriberi, stomach cramps, malaria, fever, insomnia, ation is not smooth, elephantiasis, kejengkolan, amoebic dysentery, leucorrhoea and less blood.
  3. Stem: animal feed
  4. Flower bud:  for vegetable lodeh, pecel and can stimulate appetite
  5. Fruit: the fruit table (direct consumption), pickles, jams / hour, sweets, dried foods, sauces, juice, and soft drinks. To facilitate digestion treatment, smoothing the skin, treat stomach (ulcer), canker sores, constipation and reduce body heat, and helps get rid of fat in the body.
  6. Seed: can be processed into flour to cold medicine and oil, de-worming and diarrhea.
  7. Sap: containing papain are used for burns, acne and warts. In the beverage industry is used as a purifier and a flavor enhancer in beer, whereas in the meat industry as a meat tenderizer
  8. Bark: drug ingredients
(Sources: Tri Margono, 2000)

Benefits of papaya latex for health Bouchut proved scientifically, as quoted by the Journal of the Society of Biology, which states have anti-tumor papaya or cancer. The International Cancer Foundation in 1997 reported on the benefits of vitamin C and carotene, which is widely available in papaya, to help prevent cancer.

For the seeds of papaya fruit contains glucoside cacirindan karpain which can discolor the hair.

Papaya Nutrient Composition of substance per 100 g:
Carbohydrates 12.10 g, 74.00 mg of Vitamin C, Fat 0.30 g, Calcium 34.00 mg, Protein 0.50 g, 11.00 mg Phosphorus, Vitamin B1 0.03 mg, 1.00 mg iron , Vitamin B2 0.04 mg, 0.70 mg Fiber.

(Source: Dra. Emma S. Wirakusumah, MSc., 2001).