September 7, 2007

Buah Merah Has Become Popular As A New Miracle Medicine

Buah Merah is found at the eastern portion of the Indonesian Islands, Papua, (east of Borneo island and Bali island). Buah Merah, Latin name - Pandanus Conoideus Lam – is only grown on that island and is proven able to battle many diseases such as breast cancer, cervical & ovarian cancer, lung cancer, lymphomas cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, arthritis, stroke, osteoporosis, hypertension, acid reflux, hair problems, eye, immune system problems, high cholesterol, infertility and HIV/AIDS.
"In Jayapura I had experienced advantageous of buah merah, namely to cure brain cancer, baby’s lungs spots, breast cancer, womb cancer, womb tumor, eye irritation, blind, hearth disease, lungs disease, weakness, and powerless. After the cancer patient consumed buah merah, then had laboratory checked, and the result was amazing. Actually prior to consume buah merah, the patient was very painful. Now the cancer patient is fresh and fit ", Drs. I Made Budi MSc (Balinese) said.

During his interviewed with a national TV station - MetroTv, Drs. I Made Budi MSc, told a patient of HIV/AIDS named Agustina (22) experienced health change. Before she consumed buah merah her weight was 27 kg due to HIV/AIDS virus, but after she consumed buah merah her weight increased into 42 kg.
In the beginning, Agustina who was HIV/AIDS patient was brought by public health development agency at Papua to Drs. I Made Budi MSc. They requested Doctor Budi to give Agustina buah merah. After a few times Agustina consumed buah merah, she felt better. Heavy diarrhea symptoms and ulceration which went to HIV/AIDS patient came in to non existence. She felt fresh and can perform her daily activities normally as a healthy person.
Buah Merah functioned as anti-retrovirus medicine which is required by HIV/AIDS patient. It binds protein and increase body’s resistance. This great achievement was also in line with result of laboratory checked up. Agustina’s blood CD-4 reached figure 400 and CD-8 showed negative. CD-4 of positive AIDS patient maximum 200; CD-8, positive.
Buah Merah has a good effect on human health. The experts analyzed and found out the active substances in Buah Merah are high in potential antioxidants, proven to support the body's natural defenses in illness:
Active compound
Total Carotene
12.000 ppm
Total Tocopherol
11.000 ppm
700 ppm
Alfa Tocopherol
500 ppm
Oleic Acid
58 %
Linoleic Acid
8.8 %
Linolenic Acid
7.8 %
Decanoic Acid
2.0 %
Buah Merah consists of high nutrient substances. They are beta-carotene, tocopherol, oleat acid, linoleat acid, linolenat acid, and dekanoat acid. They are active medicine compounds. Beta-Carotene functions to slow down artery spots blockage. As a result, blood can flow to hearth and brain smoothly. They can interact with protein doubling antibody output. This can increase the number of natural cell killer and increasing T helpers and lymphocyte activities. Consumption of Beta-Carotene 30 - 60mg/day for 2 months caused body produced diseases free natural cells. Increasing such natural cells may minimize cancer cells production because it can neutralize carcinogens compound free radical which is known as cancer source.
Another function of buah merah is as anti-carcinogens which is more perfect with the presence of tocopherol. This compound functions to increase body immune system - HIV/ AIDS target. Buah Merah which consists of high dozes of Omega 3 and Omega 9 is non saturated fat acid, easily digested and absorbed as a result metabolism can run smoothly. Smooth metabolism process will increase recovery process. Because body obtained protein supply to increase body resistance power.
Buah merah contains a tocopherol amount up to 11.000 ppm to prevent free radical damage. High content of vitamin E – otherwise known by the name of tocopherol, is a defense against degenerative diseases attack like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and cancer.
Buah Merah’s fatty acid is also antibiotic and antivirus. They function to slow down and kill virus lipids membranes. In addition, the virus is not given the opportunity to develop new structures, and as a result regeneration can not be performed. Due to its competence, it actively prevent and kill HIV/AIDS viruses, including hepatitis virus which may damage liver cells. In addition, it also able to slow down and kill active tumor cells.